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Would You Like Me To Personally Shift Your Mindset & Fitness, So That You Can Double, Or Maybe Even Triple Your Fitness Business?

Kennet Waale is a world-class fitness expert and business mentor. With almost a decade of experience, he has turned his talents and passions about people into a system to help fitness professionals transform their businesses.

Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to get more clients?

Do you find it hard to ‘sell’ your clients without being too ‘sales-y’?

Is writing personalized training programs giving you a headache?  

Is the financial ghost tormenting your every night?

Are you struggling performing the correct assessment with the right people?

Or perhaps you just want to know more about the actual science and mechanisms behind how and why things work the way they do?

Ken is here to help you refocus your mind and business, and increase your income by helping you find your one focus and how to deliver utmost value to your clients.

Just like mentioned in the video above with hard work, accountability and dedication - results can be seen fairly quick.

Quite frankly, after implementing the strategies after your initial strategy call with Ken, you could see results in less than one week. 

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the above answers, it is very likely that you will work together. Together, we will help you lower your frustration, give you more confidence and teach you proven strategies that will guarantee growth in your business so you can finally spend less time making more money and get to know the facts.

So, if you want to learn more, connect with Ken today.

Kennet is tireless at serving his community and goes above and beyond to help with anything you might need. He is truly an outstanding professional in this industry



Matthew White, Exercise Scientist

Not only is his knowledge on exercise application, biomechanical comprehension and the bodies movement abilities impeccable, but he is also very accommodating.”


Dalton Franke, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

“With Ken's help I have added more than $1k to my weekly revenue and decreased my hours spent in the gym”

Ryan Short, Personal Trainer

“Ken has been able to help me grow my personal training business from zero to more than $1200 per week in less than 12 weeks.”

Kia Moini, Exercise Scientist

“Ken brought me from zero to more than 20 sessions per week, and I can finally take my two beautiful daughters on a holiday!”

Lou Pilgrim, Personal Trainer

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